• 2100€ without accomodation
  • 2400€ with accomodation


We offer a 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training intensive program certified by Yoga Alliance International. Our teacher training is based on the Ashtanga Yoga tradition while at the same time applying tools and creativity of Power Yoga. The training will be held by experienced Registered Yoga Teachers and will give you the proper foundation to become a professional yoga teacher.

It is a 4-week complete learning experience focused on the following fields of study:

– Asanas
– Pranayama and meditation
– Kriyas
– Anatomy and physiology
– Theory and philosophy
– Sanskrit terminology
– Teaching methodology (modifications, adjustments, observations, instructions, sequencing, methodology)
– Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle

Purpose of the training is to allow students to deepen their knowledge, to advance in their personal practice and to learn to skillfully and safely teach yoga classes of different levels and styles. This training may be taken to deepen your own knowledge, with or without the intention to teach.


1. Theory
Fundaments of Power Yoga
History of Ashtanga and Power Yoga
Breathing techniques
The Chakras
The 8 steps of Ashtanga Yoga
The Bandhas
The Dristhi
The Kriyas
The Mantras
The Mudras
The Asanas
The Practice
Yoga in the nature
Dhyana and meditation
Meditation techniques
Types of students
The teacher
The yoga entrepreneur

2. Ayurveda and Nutrition
Ayurveda: Doshas and Agni
Reasons for vegetarianism

3. Anatomy
The connective tissue
The joints (hips, knee, ankle, sacroiliac, shoulder, elbow, wrist)
The muscles
The proprioception
The pelvis
Anatomy of breathing
The vertebral spine


The training schedule consists in:

– Around 3 daily sessions of theory as per the above list of study fields.
– Sessions of personal practice, observation, assisting and adjustments (this last from the third week on), to be taken throughout the all month according to the Centre classes schedule.

During the weekends the schedule will be more intense with theory and practice sessions from the early morning to the evening (from 8 am to 7 pm with 1 or 2 hours lunch break).


We strongly recommend a regular yoga practice of at least one year (around 300 hours) prior to this training and a sincere commitment to practicing every day and studying.