Luckily we are in Gran Canaria! and here sun continues to share its heat, so let’s go back to the water practice with sup-yoga!

For this, we always have In-Out-Yoga and Power Yoga Canarias together with the collaboration of Oceanside Gran Canaria Surf and the great yogini and aquatic teacher Kiyomi Aoki del Rosario.

Any yoga posture or exercise performed on a SUP board becomes a challenge: when in motion, we promote the balance and work the stabilizing muscles from the first moment. It helps us to become even more aware of our anatomical form.

So, if you have not yet tried it, we encourage you to do this activity to disconnect from the earth and throw yourself into the water!

It will work in the following way: we will stay at the Power Yoga center at 12.30h, from there we will go to collect the tables, then towards the beach, there will be some postures to begin to warm up the body and to understand the functioning of How to handle the table. Then, we will paddle to an ideal point to do the practice and after 1 hour, we will return to the beach and return the board.


€ 18 (24 hours before cannot be canceled)

It includes:

Monitor titled, yoga teacher entitled Kiyomi Aoki del Rosario, board, oars, lycra and insurance.

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