Power Yoga Canarias

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Discover, learn, explore, and feel without judgment or prejudice, the perfect mix of traditional and modern Yoga. Learn a little more about this free and innovative style of yoga. Explore how far you’ve gotten with your personal practice or get started with us!

Stronger, happier, and more flexible is how you will feel practicing with Power Yoga Canarias.

What is “Power Yoga”?

Power Yoga is a lifestyle and a form of Freestyle Yoga! It has its roots in traditional methods, but unlike them it does not adhere to any rigid rules, leaving space for creativity and enjoyment.

Asanas (Stances) are practiced in a dynamic and energizing way that tone the body and allow for controlling the mind; it’s a moving meditation that follows natural laws that dictate balance and flexibility, posture and rest, breathing and concentration, self-delivery, and your fears. Power Yoga also involves the practice of Pranayama (Control of Breathing) to teach you how to take control of your life using the knowledge of proper breathing techniques, a knowledge that can be useful in your day-to-day routine.

What determines how far we can get is how receptive we are to growth!

Power Yoga Canarias